Measure the level of CO2 and optimize the renewal of indoor air


LED indicator for easy viewing of CO2 level

Anti-theft fixing device

NDIR CO2 sensor

No maintenance required

USB-C power

Ventilate .. 
At the right time

Aero Lite continuously analyzes the level of CO2 and visually alerts occupants when it is time to ventilate to renew the indoor air.

Carbon dioxide

Vue depuis la fenêtre

Check air quality at a glance

Correct ventilation of collective spaces helps to significantly improve indoor air quality, particularly during a pandemic.

Aero Lite incorporates iZiAiR , an algorithm that constantly analyzes the air you breathe and indicates to you via an indicator light associated with a color code if it is necessary to ventilate the room you are in.

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Very good

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It's ready !

Aero Lite can be installed on the wall thanks to its anti-theft mounting base or freestanding on a table, so it can be easily moved from one space to another.

Aero Lite operates on AC power via USB-C for simple and easy integration into all your work environments.

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Reliable CO2 measurements

Aero Lite is equipped with a latest generation "NDIR" type CO2 sensor.

The accuracy of the CO2 detector measurements have been validated by an independent laboratory.


No maintenance required and no risk of measurement drift over time. Aero Lite integrates an automatic and weekly recalibration function of its CO2 sensor.

Manual calibration of the CO2 sensor is also possible.

Design and Robust

Aero Lite is a Design and Robust product designed for commercial buildings with high traffic.


I 410LT_FND_S: Aero Lite

  • Classroom, school group, school CO2 sensor

  • CO2 sensor for school, nursery, college, high school, university

  • Canteen, restaurant, self catering CO2 sensor

  • CO2 sensor office, company

  • CO2 sensor retail, shopping center

  • ERP CO2 sensor, collective spaces, sports halls

  • CO2 sensor at work

Aero Lite

Designed for ERP and enterprise

Rates adapted to professionals and communities

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One CO2 sensor per closed room

In open spaces and restaurants: one sensor per 100 m2 of surface area

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They use NEXELEC CO2 sensors on a daily basis

400 lycées de la région Île-de-France

23 écoles 140 salles de classes (Télécharger ici le Communiqué de Presse)

200 salles de classes d'écoles à Madrid

750 salles de délibération des Tribunaux du Ministère de la Justice au Royaume-Uni

350 salles de l'Université de Mons en Belgique