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Monitoring the CO2 level of buildings

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Carbon dioxide

Green / Orange / Red LED indicator

Comes with a charger and a USB type-C cable

The advantages of AERO LITE

Thought for you

The detector is designed for etablissements

Receiving the Public (ERP). Its design and its small silhouette allows it to remain discreet in any environment. 

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Customizable CO2 diode

To simplify the understanding of the CO2 level, the product has a LED indicator. This indicator is configurable to set the CO2 thresholds according to your needs.

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Lifetime of 15 years

Thanks to its powerful technology and USB-C cable, AERO LITE has a 15-year life span. 

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Intelligent NDIR sensor

The product is designed for safety, economy and air quality. AERO LITE is equipped with NDIR technology, designed to detect CO2. 

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Ventilate when necessary

AERO LITE continuously analyses the CO2 level and visually alerts the occupants when it is time to ventilate to renew the indoor air. To visualise the CO2 level of a space, the product has a permanent or flashing LED indicator. This product features a USB Type-C power supply to optimise the detector's lifespan.


A wired product that is easy to install

AERO LITE can be installed on the wall thanks to its anti-theft base or free standing on a flat surface.

This CO2 detector operates on sockets USB-C POWER SUPPLY. 

Reliable and maintenance-free technology

The measurement of CO2 content is a reliable indicator of a good air renewal in a closed space.

AERO LITE is equipped with the NDIR technology, in compliance with the regulations, for air quality control in a ERP.

No maintenance is required. Over time, the sensor does not present any risk of measurement drift. AERO LITE automatically recalibrates its CO2 sensor on a daily basis.

This operation can also be done manually.


Screenless Technology



In ERPs, the display of CO2 levels on a screen can be of concern to users. The measurements and the evolution of the rate can be difficult to interpret. 


The Green / Orange / Red LED simplifies the understanding of the product and the implementation of appropriate measures to air renewal. 

The thresholds of exceeding are configurable in NFC "without contact". By default, the indicator turns Orange from 1000 ppm and Red from 1700 ppm.


Very good




Designed for Air Quality 

AERO LITE is a sealed product. It is designed to meet the requirements of all ERPs.

Discreet and distinguished, AERO LITE adapts to all indoor environments to monitor Indoor Air Quality.

Designed for all buildings​

AERO LITE is a CO2 sensor made for highly frequented structures.

This Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor is suitable for many buildings :

- School group, classroom, educational institution
- Company, shopping center
- ERP, collective space, sports hall, restaurant...

Reference : I410LT

Detector from 129€ excluding tax.

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