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Protect yourself against the danger of carbon monoxide and optimize the energy management of buildings


Carbon monoxide





Radio protocol available:


Other protocols available on request

The advantages of AIR

Connected detector

AIR integrates an IoT radio communication module. No internet connection is required. The operating status of the detector can be consulted remotely. Maintenance is made easier and CO alarms can be relayed to the application or a remote monitoring center. 

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 10 years of autonomy

Wireless, AIR has a long lifespan thanks to its powerful technology.*

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Developed in France 

The product was made in Vannes. Thanks to Nexelec's R&D engineering team, we guarantee French manufaturing. The production plant is based in Rennes, to develop our products locally.

*battery life may vary depending on usage

Secure your structures 

AIR analyses the level of carbon monoxide in the air. The R&D team, in accordance with the regulations, has defined alert levels in order to protect the occupants. When the thresholds are exceeded, the product issues a visual and audible alert. It is then time to evacuate the premises. 

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Reliable and interconnected product

AIR is equipped with a CO sensor that complies with the regulations for monitoring carbon monoxide levels in buildings.


The product is interconnectable. Thanks to the interconnectivity, up to 100 AIR carbon monoxide detectors can communicate with each other. In the same building, if one of the detectors starts to emit an audible alarm, it sends a signal to the other detectors, which in turn emit their own. This makes it possible to secure the whole building and evacuate the occupants in case of carbon monoxide presence.

Available in LoRaWAN


Its wireless radio communication module allows remote viewing of room data with a smartphone or computer screen*. The product is connected via the LoRaWAN wireless IoT protocol.

No internet connection is required.


I850LR: LoRaWAN CO Sensor

*Optional subscription fees may apply.


Monitor and analyze measurements from a smartphone or computer

In our App.Nexelec application, or in that of our partners, easily observe the history of your data in the form of graphs or reports. View your indoor environment remotely with 100% secure access. Analyse indoor air quality, consult ambient data (temperature, humidity) and set the notifications that interest you.


App.Nexelec allows : 

- Sensor configuration
- Receive notifications by SMS and e-mail according to the desired thresholds 
- Download and view data easily from CO detectors
- Analyse the data readings
- Get advice and information to improve Indoor Air Quality

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Un détecteur conçu pour les bâtiments


AIR est un produit solide et totalement scellé, adapté aux bâtiments résidentiels et logements collectifs. Discret et sobre, AIR s'adapte à tous les types d'espaces intérieurs. 

Le détecteur de monoxyde de carbone connecté associé à ses fonctions d'améliorations de la sobriété énergétique et de Qualité d'Air Intérieur (QAI) est ainsi adapté à de nombreuses structures :

- Bailleurs sociaux et résidences privées

- Logements individuels 

- Établissements scolaire, entreprises, salles de fitness, commerces, restaurants, espaces collectifs…*

*consultez la réglementation en vigueur, ce détecteur de CO n'est pas adapté à tous les types de bâtiments.

3-in-1 detector


AIR is a robust and tamper-proof carbon monoxide detector, ideal for collective spaces with gas, wood, oil or coal heating appliances. 


AIR benefits from the latest technological advances.

It is equipped with two additional temperature and humidity sensors. AIR thus ensures the safety of the occupants and also takes part in the energy sobriety of housing as well as in the analysis of the Indoor Air Quality.

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Durable and secure

AIR can be mounted on the wall with its anti-theft device or free standing on a table so that it can be easily moved from one space to another.


This carbon monoxide sensor has a battery with an autonomy of 10 years. It does not need to be connected to a power supply. 

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