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Analyse in depth the Air Quality of workspaces

Les avantages de ATMO

10-in-1 sensor

With its light, presence and sound sensors, ATMO is able to measure comfort of occupants : sound level, brightness, motion detection in your closed spaces. ATMO will allow you to define your heating and air renewal strategies.

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10 years of autonomy

Without batteries, ATMO will accompany you for years thanks to its high-performance components.

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Symbol of Nexelec's know-how

ATMO is the most complete detector of our range. This 10-in-1 sensors provides information on the air quality and the working environment of your teams. ATMO can discriminate specific Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) such as formaldehyde (HCHO).

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Carbon dioxide








Volatile Organics Compounds


Fine particles






Atmospheric pressure


Sound environment

Radio protocol available:


Other protocols available on request

Spot high concentrations of Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is frequently present in the indoor air of buildings due to air pollution linked to certain coatings, floors, or furniture.


ATMO will continuously analyse formaldehyde emissions to help you identify the most exposed spaces.


Control exposure to VOCs


Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs) are characterized by their high volatility and spread easily in the atmosphere.

VOCs can induce nausea and contribute to olfactive pollution.

ATMO will continuously measure VOCs and characterise their evolution over time in order to help ventilate the premises at the right time.

Your workspace under control



With its multi-parameter measurement sensors, SENSE is specifically designed to analyse the working environment and thus quickly identify possible improvements.

Thanks to its microphone, capable of determining the average noise level and the noise peaks, SENSE keeps track of working conditions.

 The light and motion sensors allow to determine the real activity rate of the spaces to adapt the heating and ventilation strategies of the buildings accordingly.

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Monitor Fine Particle levels

The finest airborne dusts and particles penetrate deep into the lungs where they can cause inflammation and impair overall lung functions.


ATMO is equipped with a fine particle sensor capable of measuring and differentiating PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations.


ATMO will allow to analyse the exposure of a living area to this air pollution and help to take the most appropriate remedies for the situation : ventilation, air filtration, air purifier...


The ATMO fine particle sensor is factory calibrated and requires no maintenance.

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Connect your sensors

Atmo is a connected multi-parameter measurement device equipped with a wireless radio communication module LoRaWAN.

No internet connection is required.


IoT network connectivity is suitable for all use cases requiring enhanced Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring. 

Detector from 269€ excluding tax

Install your sensors easily

ATMO can be installed on the wall thanks to its anti-theft fixing system or on a table, in order to be easily moved from one space to another.

ATMO runs on a USB-C power supply for a simple and easy integration in any working environment.


Analyse Indoor Air Quality 

In our app App.Nexelec  or that of our partners, easily view the history of your data in the form of graphs or reports. Continuously observe the environment of interior spaces, remotely and via 100% secure access. Analyze indoor air quality, view ambient data and configure the notifications that interest you.

A healthier indoor environment

qualité d'air ok

Very good

qualité d'air moyen
qualité d'air attention



In collective spaces, the display of the CO2 level on a screen is potentially stressful for users and can make it harder to interpret the measurements.

The Green / Orange / Red indicator simplifies immediate understanding and the implementation of actions adapted to the air renewal.


The detector's indicator light is fully configurable. 

Simply download the free App.Nexelec application from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and configure your detector in "contactless" NFC to change the thresholds that trigger the indicator light.


By default, the light turns Orange at 1000 ppm and Red at 1700 ppm

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Reliability of CO2 measurements

The measurement of the CO2 level is a reliable indicator of the good air renewal in a closed space.


ATMO is equipped with a state-of-the-art NDIR CO2 sensor.

The accuracy of the CO2 sensor measurements has been validated by an independent COFRAC approved laboratory.


No maintenance required and no risk of drifting measurements over time. 

ATMO integrates an automatic and weekly recalibration function of its CO2 sensor.

Manual calibration of the CO2 sensor is also possible.

Designed for communities and businesses

ATMO is a robust product, totally sealed and non-removable, perfectly adapted to the requirements of all establishments receiving the public.


Sober and elegant, ATMO integrates with every type of interior.


The sensor does not have a screen for more discretion and a reinforced reliability.

Ventilate only when necessary


ATMO continuously analyses the Air Quality and visually alerts the occupants when it is time to ventilate to renew the indoor air.


Thanks to its LoRaWAN wireless IoT communication module, the ambient data can be accessed remotely, simply from a smartphone or a computer screen*.

* optional subscription fees may apply.

  • Does your detector emit a single repetitive beep approximately every 45 seconds?
    This beep is a signal of a low or discharged battery. There may be several reasons for the battery draining. A lack of regular maintenance of the detector, such as the non-dusting (at least once a year) recommended in the detector's user manual, affects battery life. Without any maintenance for several years, the battery of the detector can discharge more quickly. Repeated false alarms or sub-optimal usage conditions can also impact battery life. For security reasons, your detector is fully sealed and cannot be dismantled. The battery is not replaceable. A dead battery requires you to replace your smoke detector. For detectors manufactured between 2014 and 2015 (date of manufacture indicated on the back of the detector), the depleted battery is not covered under the 10-year warranty. The conditions of application of the 10-year warranty are clearly indicated in the user manualsupplied with the detector.
  • Why is my detector beeping ?
    1.1- My detector beeps If the detector beeps every minute, it means that the battery is low or discharged. There are several reasons why the battery may be discharged: - A lack of maintenance of the detector (dusts must be removed at least once a year) - Repeated false alarms or non-optimal operating conditions 1.2- My detector emits three beeps Three repetitive beeps every minute indicate that the detector has detected an issue in its smoke sensor. The following test procedure should be followed to clean and test the detector : 1. Remove the detector from its base (1/4 turn to the left). 2. Clean the detector with the brush tip of a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust that may have accumulated and interfered with the product's operation. 3. Check the operation of the detector. Press the central button for at least 3 seconds : Case n°1: If the detector emits a strong sound signal and the red light diode flashes, the detector is functional and must be reinstalled on its mounting base. Case n°2: If the detector does not beep and the red LED flashes weakly, the battery is low and the detector should be replaced. Case n°3: If the detector does not sound and the red LED does not flash: wait 2 minutes. If the detector emits 3 consecutive beeps every minute, then the detector has a sensor fault and the product must be replaced. If the detector does not beep, then the battery is empty and the detector must be replaced.
  • Can the smoke detector battery be replaced?
    No. Our smoke detectors are equipped with a battery with a maximum autonomy of 10 years under normal conditions of use (including regular maintenance of the product). The detector battery is not replaceable. For security reasons, the detector and the battery are sealed and cannot be removed. End of battery life means you need to replace your smoke detector.
  • How to deactivate your smoke detector?
    Warning: For your safety, never deactivate your detector if it is working properly. To turn off the detector and stop the low battery beep, simply take a paperclip, insert it into the square space at the back of the product, and pull slightly to retrieve the button activation of the detector in order to deactivate it.
  • How do I replace my smoke detector?
    If replacing the detector with an identical detector, the mounting base already screwed or glued to the wall or ceiling can be kept. The new detector will be compatible with the mounting base already in place. For the renewal of the detector, Nexelec offers a promo code that can be used on its website with a preferential rate of -30% for customers already equipped with a smoke detector of its brand: Promo code: CLIENT2020
  • What should I do with my used smoke detector?
    A used detector is electronic waste and must be recycled. The detector must be placed in a dedicated collection bin. Collection bins are available in supermarkets, household appliance stores, or even recycling centers.
  • How to install, use and maintain your smoke detector?
    Check beforehand the precautions and limits of use of the detector as well as the maintenance recommendations indicated in the user manual. The presence of dust, the immediate proximity of an artificial light source or the movement of nearby air due to a convector, air conditioning or VMC can cause the detector to go off for no apparent reason. Simply clean your detector regularly using the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner and, if necessary, change its location. You will find below the list of the main places to avoid for the installation of the detector. Do not install the smoke detector: less than 1.5 m from lighting fixtures: ceiling lights, incandescent lamps, halogen or fluorescent lamps, etc. where the detector is exposed to direct sunlight near or above heaters, windows, vents, air conditioners, fans, or any other equipment that can generate airflow in the immediate vicinity of a place where stray fumes could disturb the smoke detector: fireplace, stoves, boilers, combustion radiators, etc. in a place where the humidity is less than 10% or more than 95%: bathroom, laundry room, etc. in a place where the temperature is below 4°C or above 45°C in a dusty or dirty place: garage, workshop, etc. in an area infested with insects Outside
  • How to interpret the signals emitted automatically by your smoke detector?
    The smoke detector can, during its period of operation, emit different signals, each of which has a specific meaning. It is useful to correctly analyze the signals emitted by the detector to know its operating status and take the appropriate measures. Click hereto view the summary table of the different states in which the detector can be.
  • What are the conditions of application of the product warranty?
    NEXELEC offers a contractual warranty for its smoke detectors in accordance with the provisions indicated in the user manual supplied with each detector. INSAFE “10-year warranty” smoke detectors are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of manufacture of the product. No warranty coverage can be obtained in the event of a detector defect resulting from a lack of battery life. No warranty coverage can be obtained without the provision of dated proof of purchase. The 10-year warranty applies to smoke detectors manufactured between 2014 and 2015. The date of manufacture is normally indicated on the back of the product. INSAFE “5-year warranty” smoke detectors are guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase of the product. No warranty coverage can be obtained without the provision of dated proof of purchase. The 5-year warranty applies to smoke detectors manufactured from 2016. The date of manufacture is indicated on the back of the product. INSAFE+ and NETSECUR “2-year warranty” smoke detectors are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase of the product. No warranty coverage can be obtained without the provision of dated proof of purchase. The 2-year warranty applies to connected smoke detectors manufactured from 2018. The date of manufacture is indicated on the back of the product. Refer to the detector's user manual for a complete description of the warranty clauses. User Manual 10-year warranty: download here User Manual 5-year warranty: download here User Manual 2-year warranty: download here
  • How to benefit from the product warranty?
    Before you can request the application of the warranty, you must obtain a NEXELEC after-sales service return number. No warranty support can be obtained without an after-sales service return number. In order to obtain an after-sales service return number, please communicate to us beforehand, for each smoke detector, the following elements by email only to Product reference concerned, date of manufacture (normally indicated on the back of the detector), date of installation, date of purchase of the detector Description of the fault found (flashing red LED, beep, etc.) Scan or photo of proof of purchase or dated invoice On receipt of these elements, our services will come back to you to provide you with an after-sales service return number as well as the shipping address. According to the warranty conditions indicated in the user manual, return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. You will be asked for a flat rate of 15 euros including VAT for the return of a detector if it is proven after our tests that the detector does not present any fault or that it is not eligible for the conditions of application of the product warranty.

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