Control air quality, optimize comfort and energy consumption of homes, buildings and public-access premises


  • Carbon Dioxide Detector

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitor

  • Programmable Push Button

3 embedded sensors

Carbon dioxide



Carbon is a new generation connected carbon dioxide detector that also comes with ambient temperature and relative humidity sensors.

Carbon is not only a simple CO2 sensor. Thanks to its edge computing architecture and IZIAIR embedded algorithm, Carbon calculates an indoor air quality index to help you take the appropriate actions.  

Carbon is also a connected push button that enables to automate actions and take control of various connected devices and services.

It is an ideal product for connected homes, residential buildings and public-access buildings (schools, nurseries, hospitals, children's centers, retirement homes, etc.).


  • 3-in-1 Carbon Dioxide detector, Indoor Air Quality monitor and Push Button 

  • IZIAIR Indoor Air Quality Index 

  • A wide range of wireless protocols : Sigfox, LoRa, Enocean, Zigbee

  • Wireless sensor for easy and fast installation 

  • Up to 10-year battery life for the product and wireless connection 

  • Elegantly designed detector that blends in with any decor

  • Sigfox CO2 sensor connected to the first "0G" global network

  • LoRa CO2 sensor connected to an operated network or to a private LoRaWAN gateway

  • Zigbee sensor CO2 detector consistent with Zigbee 3.0 Protocol

  • EnOcean sensor CO2 detector using EEP A5-09-04 public profile

  • Measure carbon dioxide level

  • Monitor aeration and ventilation systems

  • Control and maintain recommended temperatures and humidity level

  • Analyse Indoor Air Quality

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality thanks to user recommendations and actions

  • Measure and control temperature

  • HVAC control


Energy Efficiency