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Control air quality, optimize comfort and energy management in buildings

CO2 meter

Indoor Air Quality

  • Carbon Dioxide Measurement

  • Temperature, humidity

  • CO2 threshold light indicator

3 embedded sensors


Carbon dioxide






10 years battery life

Carbon is a connected CO2 sensor specifically designed to control the renewal of air in collective spaces: restaurants, school groups, offices, leisure centers, etc.

Green / Orange / Red indicator light (can be deactivated) allows users to view CO2 thresholds exceeded.

Carbon incorporates a 10-year lithium battery and therefore does not require an electrical connection .

The device can be installed on the wall thanks to its anti-theft fixing or freestanding on a table so that it can be easily moved from one space to another.


No maintenance required and no risk of CO2 measurement drift after a short time of use thanks to the automatic recalibration function of the CO2 sensor.

Carbon is equipped with a "NDIR" type CO2 measuring cell in accordance with the regulations for monitoring air quality in establishments open to the public. The precision of the product's CO2 measurements have been validated by an independent laboratory accredited by COFRAC.


Carbon also integrates temperature and humidity sensors associated with the iZiAiR algorithm for analyzing Indoor Air Quality.

Thanks to its on-board radio communication module (Sigfox, Lora or Enocean), CO2, temperature and humidity data can be collected and analyzed remotely in order to keep the measurement history .

Why measure the level of CO2?

The use of a CO2 measuring device makes it possible to verify very simply and quickly the quality of the air renewal and encourages the occupants to ventilate the rooms if necessary.

Correct ventilation of public spaces helps to significantly reduce the risk of viruses spreading in the air, especially during a pandemic.

Aeration or ventilation of spaces must be ensured frequently, while avoiding horizontal air flows directed towards people. It is also recommended to control the renewal of the air in catering areas by using CO2 sensors.


  • A unique product for measuring CO2, temperature and ambient humidity


  • Wireless sensor for easy and quick installation

  • 10 years of battery life for the device and its radio connection

  • IZiAiR Indoor Air Quality Index

  • Wide range of compatible radio protocols: Sigfox, LoRa, Enocean

  • Stylish product designed to fit into any interior

  • Sigfox CO2 sensor connected to the first global "0G" network

  • LoRa CO2 sensor connected to an operated network or to a private LoRaWAN network gateway

  • Zigbee CO2 sensor connected in accordance with Zigbee 3.0 protocol

  • EnOcean CO2 sensor connected using the public profile EEP A5-09-04

  • CO2 level measurement

  • Monitoring of aeration and ventilation levels of spaces

  • Control and maintain recommended temperatures and humidity levels

  • Indoor air quality analysis

  • Temperature measurement and control

  • Control of ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems

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Indoor Air Quality

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Energy Efficiency