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Home Safety in style


Smoke detector


IR remote control

Product reference: I740SX

The advantages of CONTROL

Remote control

Wireless, CONTROL is equipped with an infrared remote control which allows the product to be controlled in all circumstances.

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Discreet and compact 

Measuring only 3 cm thick, CONTROL knows how to be discreet in enclosed spaces. The detector has an anti-theft bracket for wall mounting.

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Ensure the safety of your buildings 

CONTROL is a smoke detector with a remote control of the latest generation that watches over buildings and their occupants in complete discretion. It brings a new answer to your expectations in terms of security, technology and aesthetics.


In case of strong concentration of smoke, the sensor emits an audible alarm and visually alerts the occupants. It is then time to evacuate the premises.

Master your detectors remotely

CONTROL is equipped with an infrared remote control : a 3V battery with 10 years autonomy is integrated and sealed.


The remote control allows to test the product or to stop an alarm remotely, facilitating the access to people with reduced mobility.


The signal of this device is universal : a single remote control can control all the CONTROL detectors.

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Your security ally​

CONTROL can be installed on the wall or ceiling : it has an anti-theft mounting base to ensure that the detector is always properly installed.


This smoke detector does not require any electrical connection and integrates a battery with an autonomy of10 years. 


To ensure the proper functioning of the detector, simply dust it once a year with an antistatic cloth. CONTROL therefore requires very little maintenance.

Technology at your service

CONTROL benefits from the latest technological advances.


The product is equipped with a smoke chamber based on the "Tyndall" effect: a diode emits a small light towards a receiver. If the smoke particles pass through the smoke chamber and reflect with the light, then the sensor is triggered.

Only smoke particles that are illuminated and in the receiver's viewing angle help to detect smoke.


Each detector is individually tested before being put on the market. There is no risk of measurement drift over time.

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Designed for residential housing

CONTROL is a sturdy, sealed and totally tamper-proof product, perfectly suited for residential housing.
Sober and elegant, CONTROL adapts to all types of interiors to ensure the safety of occupants.

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