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Ensure safety and security, optimize comfort and energy consumption of homes and residential buildings


Smoke detection





Available radio protocols:


Other protocols available on request

The benefits of ORIGIN

Long-lasting battery

ORIGIN contains a powerful battery* with an autonomy of

10 years.

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Aesthetic and sealed  

Designed for indoor environments, ORIGIN can be installed on the wall with an anti-theft attachment. Its small size allows it to remain discreet in all circumstances. 


Connected detector

ORIGIN integrates an IoT radio communication module. No internet connection is required. The operating status of the detector can be consulted remotely. Maintenance is easy and smoke alarms can be relayed to the application or to a remote monitoring center. 


*battery life may vary depending on usage

Secure your building and its occupants

ORIGIN is a smoke detector (DAAF) of the latest generation that watches over buildings and their occupants in complete discretion. It brings a new answer to your expectations in terms of security, technology and aesthetics. In case of smoke, the sensor emits an audible alarm and visually alerts you when it is time to evacuate the room.

Technology at the service of security

ORIGIN benefits from the latest technological advances.


The product is equipped with a smoke chamber based on the "Tyndall" effect: a diode emits a small light towards a receiver. If the smoke particles pass through the smoke chamber and reflect with the light, then the sensor is triggered.

Only smoke particles that are illuminated and in the receiver's viewing angle help to detect smoke.


Each detector is individually tested before being put on the market. There is no risk of measurement drift over time.


Different connectivity available


Equipped with a wireless IoT communication module, the sensor's measurements can be accessed remotely from your smartphone or computer*. It is available in different wireless IoT protocols: LoRaWAN, Sigfox, EnOcean or Zigbee.




I870LR : LoRaWAN detector
I870SF : Sigfox sensor
I870EO : EnOcean detector
I870ZB: Zigbee sensor


*Optional subscription fees may apply.

A detector designed for buildings


ORIGIN is a solid and totally sealed product, suitable for residential buildings and collective housing. Discreet and sober, ORIGIN adapts to all types of interiors. 


The connected smoke detector associated with its energy saving and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) improvement functions is thus adapted to many structures :


- Social landlords and private residences

- Individual housing 

- Schools, companies, fitness centers, shops, restaurants, collective spaces...*.


*Consult the regulations, this smoke detector is not suitable for all types of buildings.

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An autonomous and durable product

ORIGIN must be installed on the wall, and has a anti-theft base. 


This autonomous smoke detector (DAAF) does not require any electrical connection and combines batteries with an autonomy of 10 years.

Monitor and analyze your data from your smartphone

In the App.Nexelec application or in partner applications, easily display historical data in the form of graphs or reports. Permanently observe the environment of your indoor spaces, via 100% secure access. Analyze indoor air quality, measure temperature and humidity, visualize ambient data and configure the desired notifications.



With the App.Nexelec application, you can :


- Easily configure the sensor
- Receive data readings 
- Define e-mail and SMS alerts according to predefined thresholds
- Easily download and view smoke detector data
- Get information and advice on how to improve Indoor Air Quality

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