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Temperature sensor connected for
energy sobriety

Available radio protocols:





Other protocols available on request

The advantages of PILOT

SMS and email alerts

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10 years of battery life

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No need for internet connection

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1 measure every 10 minutes

PILOT measures, every 10 minutes, the humidity level and the temperature of buildings, and alerts the occupants to each significant change. Thanks to its sensors, it analyses the indoor environment as a whole. It can thus adapt heating strategies and improve the energy sobriety of buildings.


Discretion and performance ​

With its modern and discreet design, PILOT can be easily integrated into any interior. Thus, it is perfectly adapted to many buildings : office, company, hotel, collective housing, or even shopping center. On the front panel, the button has been designed to be quickly accessible for instantaneous measurement of temperature and humidity.

Objective: energy sobriety

PILOT is the essential ally of the company's energy saving strategy. Its two functions, the measurement of temperature and humidity, allow to have a clear vision of the Indoor Air Quality of the building.


In an individual accommodation as in a residence, the product allows you to follow these parameters, and to have an easy insight of the temperature of the building.


In tertiary buildings, these functions allow to draw up a fast cartography, and in real time, of the state of heating of a building. If the temperature of the building is too high, the measurement of the temperatures in each office allows to quickly identify the problem areas, and thus optimize the heating costs.  

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Remote temperature monitoring

Thanks to its LoRaWAN radio module, PILOT sends the measured data to the supervision application of your choice. No internet connection is required : you receive notifications as soon as the temperature and humidity thresholds are exceeded. This makes it possible to effectively contribute to improving the energy efficiency of buildings.


In the Nexelec App, easily access historical data in the form of graphs or reports. Observe the environment of indoor spaces live, remotely* and via secure access. Consult the ambient data (temperature, humidity) and set the information that interests you.


*Optional subscription fees may apply

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Custom scenarios​

The detector, connected via an application, takes measurements and analyzes its environment. On the application, personalized messages can be displayed such as lowering the temperature to 19°C or airing the room if necessary.


Depending on the data collected by the sensor, the application can also send email or SMS alerts when pre-configured temperature thresholds are exceeded.


PILOT is therefore perfectly integrated into your energy saving strategy.

Easy installation


PILOT, is equipped with an anti-theft device, which provides enhanced security. This connected temperature sensor has a 10 year battery life thanks to its sealed battery*. No need to change the product's batteries. Maintenance is simplified.


A notification appears on your application as soon as the product is faulty or at the end of its life. The maintenance of PILOT sensors deployed on many buildings is thus simplified.


 * Battery life may vary depending on its use.

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