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Ensure safety and security, optimize comfort and energy consumption of homes and residential buildings

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Volatile Organics

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Fine particles



Radio protocol available:


Other protocols available on request

The advantages of PMi

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Comfort sensor



PMi measures air quality, and is designed to optimize the comfort of occupants of workspaces. PMi is your ally when it comes to measuring the company's energy sobriety.


Certified device


PMi has carried out a series of tests to prove its compliance with the rules and standards in force. It is in particular the independent laboratory COFRAC which certified the product.

Complete product


PMi is equipped with sensors that measure ambient parameters. It is able to measure the noise level and the luminosity of the workspaces. In addition, its pollutant sensors are designed to warn occupants of poor indoor air quality.


Measure Fine Particle levels


Thedustand thefine particlesairborne penetrate deep into the lungs, where they cause inflammation and impair respiratory function in general.PMiwill allow you to analyze the actual exposure of a space to this air pollution and allows you to implement corrective measures depending on the situation: ventilation, air filtration, air purification...


PMi is equipped with a fine particle sensor that can analyze and distinguish fine particle concentrations:PM1,PM2.5 andPM10.

Raise exposure to VOCs


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are dispersed in the air in collective spaces. VOCs are present in glues, paints, varnishes, cleaners, aerosols, perfumes and other solvents.


PMi continuously measures the level of these toxic particles in the air, and analyzes their evolution over time so that you can act accordingly.

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Robust and intelligent detector designed for offices


Simple and discreet,PMiadapts to all types of interior to manage theenergy sobriety, thanks to the various on-board sensors.


Benefiting from a communication moduleIoT, the product provides ambient data, which can be accessed with a smartphone or computer*. The default wireless IoT protocol isLoRaWAN.

Reference: I640LR - from169€ excl. tax

Take care of your Indoor Air Quality


In the appApp.Nexelec, or in that of partners, you can view the history of your information in the form of reports or graphs.  View the air quality of confined spaces, remotely and via access % secure.  Observe indoor environments, view ambient data, and customize notifications that matter to you.


Our appApp.Nexelec  allows you to:


- Easily configure PMi

- Set SMS and email notifications the desired thresholds

- Obtain and analyze data easily from detectors

- Receive data reports

- View information and tips to improve Indoor Air Quality

Reliable data and adjustment within everyone's reach


PMihas aremovable standfor a free pose, and aanti-theft basefor wall mounting.


The product connects to the mains using a cableUSB-C. The lifetime of the components it embeds is

10 years.


The technology of the different sensors that make up the detector is able to analyze the air quality and the environment of the workspaces separately. These reliable data have been validated by aFrench independent laboratory.

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Master your work environments


PMiis equipped with a measuring sensormulti-parameter, it is dedicated to the analysis of the work environment of the teams.


In order to improve the working conditions of employees, it is necessary to control the sound environment.PMiis equipped with amicrophonewhich allows to measure the sound peaks. This will allow you to take corrective action.

In order to adapt the consumption ofheaterand theventilationLocals,PMihas a sensorbrightness. This helps reduce energy bills.

A healthier indoor environment

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Very good

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Correct ventilation of collective spaces helps to significantly improve the quality of indoor air, in particular during a pandemic.

Carbon incorporates iZiAiR , an algorithm that constantly analyzes the air you breathe and indicates to you via an indicator light associated with a color code if it is necessary to ventilate the room you are in.

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