Aero is a connected LoRa CO2 sensor specifically designed to control air renewal in collective spaces : restaurants, schools, offices, etc.

  • Multi-parameter measurement micro-station
    Carbon dioxide (CO2)
    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
    Atmospheric pressure


  • A Green / Orange / Red indicator light (configurable) allows users to view the CO2 level in real time


  • Latest generation NDIR CO2 sensor


  • Easy installation : on the wall thanks to its anti-theft fixing base or freestanding; 1 product per 100 m2


  • USB-C power supply for simple and easy integration


  • No maintenance required thanks to the automatic recalibration function of the CO2 sensor. Manual calibration of the sensor in the open air is also possible


  • Reliability of CO2 measurements : validation by an independent laboratory


  • Robust, designer product designed for high-traffic commercial buildings


  • Integrated LoRa radio communication module: the measurement history is kept. CO2 and ambient data can be analyzed in detail. The product can be completely reconfigured remotely (downlink)


Important note on LoRa radio communication

  • If you are a professional equipped with a sensor supervision solution, you can operate our product independently.
  • If you do not have a software monitoring solution, you can subscribe to the annual subscription plan to our web application: iZiAiR App



VAT Included
  • For volume orders or for payment by bank transfer , we invite you to send us your request for a quote by email to: