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Protect yourself from danger
carbon monoxide 


Carbon monoxide


Audible alarm 85dB

Product reference: I335CM

The advantages of SECURE

10 year lifespan

Wireless, SECURE has a long life thanks to its powerful battery.*

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Developed in France 

The product was made in Vannes. Thanks to Nexelec's team of R&D engineers, we guarantee French manufacturing.

*battery life may vary depending on usage

Secure your structures 

SECURE analyzes the level of carbon monoxide (DAACO) in the air. The R&D team, in accordance with the regulations, has defined alert levels to protect the occupants. When the thresholds are exceeded, the product emits an audible and visual alert. It is then time to evacuate the premises. 

Carbon monoxide detector ideal for your buildings


SECURE is a robust, tamper-proof and sealed product, 
ideal for collective spaces with gas, wood, oil or coal heaters. 


Sober and distinguished, SECURE adapts to all types of interiors to optimize energy sobriety.

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Durable and secure

SECURE can be mounted on the wall with its anti-theft device or free-standing on a table, so that it can be easily moved from one space to another.

This carbon monoxide sensor has a battery with an autonomy of 10 years

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